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We were asked to do a campaign for Timberland retails stores through the whole of Europe, this was an incentive for customers to bring in their old shoes into the shops and receive 10% off a new pair of Timberland shoes
Recycling boxes were sent out to every Timberland store in Europe including Timberland stores in Airports
The old footwear then had to be collected from the stores sent back to Africashoes and then Exported to Africa

We have containers sitting at the Pentland centre in London where any samples or any footwear or apparel is stored until full and then collected.
An agreed upon price per shoe is then donated last year £10’300 was raised and donated to charities Pentland support

We have exported whole lines of footwear when the manufacturer hasn’t passed quality checks, in order to put them to use rather than destroying them if a stich is out of place or the print is misaligned, sometimes careless glue marks and whole orders are cancelled