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Our service?

We will collect and pay for your single footwear they will be processed and exported to Africa or Eastern Europe depending on winter or summer type of pairs.

  1. We would pay from 25p – £0.75 per shoe or £1.50 per/KG depending on the percentage of pair-age and type of footwear.
  2. We can collect your single sample footwear and then process them; we would then pay £3.50 – £8.00 for any footwear paired
  3. Customer returns apparel or pairs of footwear £2.15 – £5.00 per piece of apparel or pair of shoes.

Every year the most popular styles are reproduced, and slight changes are made, even if they are not identical, they can be used as pairs.

For example, a size 6uk/39euro paired with a size 5.5 or a 6.5

Or two size 6uk/39euro 2020 with 2021 same shoe different year, slightly different design finish.

Any footwear which cannot be paired are then used as spare parts such as insoles laces eyelets material etc.to repair other faulty footwear.

Customer faulty returns footwear and apparel

It’s not only odd shoes and samples,

Africashoes pay for and collect faulty customer returned footwear and clothing from many brands throughout Europe.

We have been in business for the last 20 years dealing with companies and manufacturers potential commercial waste.

100’s of thousands of pairs and pieces of apparel have been saved from landfilled and used as they were made for.

We have donated 100’s of thousands of pounds to Charites solved your commercial waste problems and reinvested back into your brands

Brand protection

All footwear we receive are exported or destroyed.

Footwear can be de-branded labels can be removed or covered over.

Footwear can be marked in such a way that they cannot be resold in the UK or Europe, by indelible pen or whole punched to identify them as returns.

Brand protection is very important to all our suppliers, Africashoes offers a way to solve waste disposal needs, whilst putting shoes on the feet of people, who normally wouldn’t be able to afford them.

Footwear we can’t collect

If there is not a chance of pairing footwear or if you have already processed them it is irresponsible to move them round the country just to skip them

If they are all only lefts

If they are all only rights

If they have been slashed or made unusable in an attempt to de-brand, we have received footwear in the past where the sides have been cut with a knife, we have also received footwear where the tongue has been removed.

This is an honest effort to use shoes as they were designed for. Every company should recycle as much as possible, where they can

If it is a one off, the reason we can process the shoes is because it’s on going, what you have one month may pair with what comes in the nest month.

Or the next year

We have storage which enables us to store any footwear we receive on a 3 year roll over after that time it becomes redundant to keep and unfortunately eventually destroyed.

Some of these shoes have more air miles than allot of people would make in a lifetime of travel

They have been designed in the UK, made in the far east shipped to Europe distributed to brand hubs sent to retail stores bought or sent to retail customers and come all the way back.

It would be a waste if they end up in land fill at a cost to your company instead of helping people who have no shoes or clothing to wear.

Brands last 5 years

Pentland Brands:

Lacoste – Customer returns footwear and sample odds

Ted Baker – Customer returns footwear and sample odds

Berghaus and Brasher – Customer returns footwear and apparel, Bags, accessories and sample odds

Boxfresh – Sample odds only

Kickers – Sample odds only

Speedo – Customer returns, Sample apparel and accessories

Ardblaire Sports:

Kappa – Customer returns footwear and apparel, and sample odd footwear

Addict – Sample footwear and apparel

Crew – Customer returns footwear

Playboy – Sample apparel

AKU – Customer returns footwear

Amplified – Customer returned apparel

Superdry – Customer returns footwear

Superga – Customer returns footwear


Teva – Customer returns footwear

Sanuk – Customer returns footwear

Sperry – Sample odds only

Ugg Co – Sample odds only

Brodheim PLC Portugal:

Timberland – Customer returns footwear

United Colours of Benneton – Customer returns, apparel


Timberland – Customer returns footwear and apparel, and sample odds

Northface – Sample odds only

JD Sports:

All instore brands – Customer returns footwear and apparel, sample odd footwear and retail odd footwear


Oliver Sweeny – Customer returns and sample odds

Grenson – Old stock customer returns and sample footwear

Palladium – Sample odds only

Coco Rose – Sample pairs and customer returns

Paul smith – Fabric swatches and footwear

YouTube videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a8z7KeqeMY (Africa 2016 video)

http://youtu.be/YdVhTkdr_vI (Timberland in Africa)

http://youtu.be/N7f6Lw7ldJM Africashoes Promo)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vHlUdvaNeo (Pentland odd shoe video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCruGVWn69E (we want your shoes animation)

There are alternatives, Nike, and Converse, got together and they have produced “Nike Grinds”. They basically take only the rubber sole unit and grind it down and process it into Kids play areas or Basketball fields.

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAH0K7porxw they have developed a machine that will break the shoe into different core components for reuse it is very complicated and hugely expensive, but utterly secure.

This is my personal favourite flip flop story, I watched this while I was in China a couple of years ago it amazed me, it’s called the Journey of the Flip flop, I love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7HymSjBDAE its 100% re-use.



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